What a great gig in de barras in coonakilty last sunday night!
It was great to play with Luis Gomez, Archie, Mick hewitt and Dave McClelland!! The audience was so good. Hope they all had a good night!

Next week Im off to the south of spain to play some gigs :) cant wait to go back for few days to the sunshine :)


TEDx Baluarte

I went to Cadiz last week to play a gig in a TED event. It took place at the beautiful Santa Catalina Castle, near the sea. The atmosphere was great and there were many other bands playing for the event as the magnific saxophone player Antonio Lizana with his band.

I played at the end of the night, the weather was great and the people even more!

I would like to thank all the organization for the great job they did!

There will be a video soon!! :)


Cmw. Joe Bamford

A very special thanks to Mr Joe Bamford from Haljoe Coaches for being so friendly and positive, and for the Novia Scotia Night invite.
We spent a lovely evening in his company!

It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with the great Quincy Jones when I was in Toronto at the Canadian music week Showcase.

It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with the great Quincy Jones when I was in Toronto at the Canadian music week Showcase.


Back from Toronto after a great Music Festival.

Landed on the 4th of May in Toronto for the Canadian Music week. I stayed there for 10 days and met lovely people and amazing musicians who I want to thank for looking after us so well.

First night i arrived played in Grossman’s which its a famous music venue in Toronto. Met Edward who was a great help and support.

Few days after met Derek Giberson, an amazing keyboard player who invited me to playe with his band at the Orbit room.

Thanks to Tony for having me in his session on Sunday at The Supermarket.

Glad I met DannyGood, irish blood at the Hideout, great bar and music venue where I had the pleasure to play with Geoff.

Also, as part of the canadian music week, I played a gig at the Cameron House on tuesday sharing stage with other great bands for the night.

Thanks to Darrel from Scene Magazine for his great job and for organising my gigs at the Cavern and The laberynth.

Also Thanks to Julian Taylor for inviting me in his session, thanks to all the people in the Adelaide International room and to everyone for looking after us so well!

it was a great experience that I hope to repeat again soon!!!!


Scene Magazine

I am really looking forward to playing in Toronto during the Canadian Music week, and also many thanks to Darrell and all at Scene magazine Toronto for organising another showcase night on Saturday 10th May at the Cavern Bar, I’ll be performing songs from my new album and a few other compositions.


Really looking forward to play at the canadian music week in Toronto on the 6th of May. i got more news, ill be playing in a fabulous music venue called The Cameron House!! I hope to see lots of people there and Im sure it will be a great night!!! All nearly ready to go!!!