Clonakilty Guitar Festival 2014

What a weekend in Clonakilty, the whole town full of amazingly talented musicians playing concerts,sessions,giving workshops and generally having fun. Well done to the organisers for really great Festival experience, better every year.
The audiences were super, good humoured appreciative music fans !!!
I loved my concert on Friday night with my Band in Scannells Bar, they had to close the front doors for awhile at 10pm, too many people, the Saturday I sat in for an impromptu session in the fabulous Shanleys Bar, with Bill Shanley, John Fitzgerald and some of my band.
Joined John Spillane for a couple of songs at another session and spent the evening watching the great shows that were on around the town.
Sat in at Scannells Sunday session in the afternoon and performed the first live outing of a single I am currently collaborating on with the Tim Goulding composer of a poem by Irelands poet Laureate Paula Meehan entitled Rivermouth to be released early next year, such a beautiful song.
Later joined with Lucky Oceans and Bill Shanley, Tim Goulding, Mick hewitt and Stephen Housden for part of the incredible final session of the Festival.


What a great gig in de barras in coonakilty last sunday night!
It was great to play with Luis Gomez, Archie, Mick hewitt and Dave McClelland!! The audience was so good. Hope they all had a good night!

Next week Im off to the south of spain to play some gigs :) cant wait to go back for few days to the sunshine :)


TEDx Baluarte

I went to Cadiz last week to play a gig in a TED event. It took place at the beautiful Santa Catalina Castle, near the sea. The atmosphere was great and there were many other bands playing for the event as the magnific saxophone player Antonio Lizana with his band.

I played at the end of the night, the weather was great and the people even more!

I would like to thank all the organization for the great job they did!

There will be a video soon!! :)


Cmw. Joe Bamford

A very special thanks to Mr Joe Bamford from Haljoe Coaches for being so friendly and positive, and for the Novia Scotia Night invite.
We spent a lovely evening in his company!